Homemade Kulfi Ice cream Recipes

Homemade Kulfi Ice cream Recipes

Kulfi’s the legend of the 16th-century Mughal era; the frozen, fragrant and creamy delicious dessert is what we are talking about ice cream recipes.

While the Mughal kitchens as per legends go, talk about getting the ice from the Himalayan peak to incorporate the same into the “Shahi” kulfis, you can easily make your close ones delighted as you make kulfis with your own hand.

Some of the delicious homemade kulfi recipes are given below:

The kulfi trio Ice cream Recipes

Ice Cream

Milk Kulfi Recipe

While you try this ice cream recipes to caramelize full fat milk or even condensed milk at home to have a kulfi like consistency and look, the kulfi trio served all together may just take the crown. The first one being made with guava juice and ‘anardana chooran’ wherein grating the guava with chooran and freezing it in a mould is the trick. The kaju katli kulfi is made with milk where it is reduced and condensed milk and sugar are added. Green cardamom powder, kaju katli and saffron are added and thickened and later cooled. Mould and freeze and its done. Lassi kulfi can be created by mixing yogurt, saffron, sugar and green cardamom powder, put into a mould and freeze.

Pista kulfi Recipe


Traditional Kulfi Recipe

The traditionally made kulfi is made by boiling milk in a large container and churn well till the milk reduces with time. When the milk turns beige cream in hue, you need to add saffron and sugar and boil for a minute before adding cardamom and turning off the flame. Add nuts before you freeze and then serve!

Mango kulfi Recipe


Mango Kulfi Recipe

Mangoes are seasonal fruit which comes handy in the warm summer months giving the much-needed burst of taste to a simple kulfi mix. You can recreate the wonder by using condensed milk and mango puree with cream and nuts to get the best result. To make this you need to mix condensed milk, cardamom powder and chilled pre-beaten crème well and add nuts to it. Mould and freeze to serve better!

Malai and almond kulfi Recipe

ice cream recipes

Yummy Kulfi Recipe

This creamy and crunchy kulfi ice cream recipes can be made with blending blanched almonds with cream and condensed milk all together. Saffron soaked in milk and pistachio needs to get added and molded in a matki(jar) and closed with butter paper. Freeze and serve! Simple!

Cranberry and alphonso mango kulfi Recipe

Delicious Kulfi recipes at home

Alphonso Mango Kulfi

In case you are thinking of creating this one with the usual kulfi and ice cream recipes, you would be mistaken. This recipe is made up of Alphonsoo mangoes and can be made by peeling a mango and chopping it finely. After this you need to add lime juice, grated lemon zest, mango puree and cranberry to it, mix, mould and freeze to serve cold.


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