Hair Removal Methods Myths & Facts

Hair Removal Methods Myths & Facts


Hair Removal

We all want to get rid of ugly, unwanted body hair.But just because of some misconceptions, we hesitate to follow the hair removals techniques. Let’s shed some light on the Myths and facts related to removal of hair.

Hair Removal by waxing increases the growth of more hair and makes it darker and thicker.

FACT:  No. Not at all.The hair growth significantly reduces, if you remove your hair by waxing. Growth of hair will be less, not more! Repeated pulling of hair prevents cells to regenerate new hair. So you have to wax repeatedly and regularly. And when it’s  about the textures and colors,  your genes are responsible for that, waxing can never change that.

Waxing is excruciatingly painful.

FACT: All women may not experience the same level of pain. And the pain may vary depending upon the thickness of hair and the type of skins. Moreover, the removal of a single hair stings more. So it’s advisable to remove as many as you can at a time.

It’s a myth that if you shave your legs, the skin tone will change.

FACT: Have you ever noticed any dark patches or changing of the skin tone of men who shave regularly? Obviously not. Shaving does not make your skin darker.

It’s a myth that laser hair removal is permanent.

FACT: For a permanent solution, you need to have two to three laser sessions/sittings. It will be a permanent solution for hair reduction, not removal. The percentage of hair growth will be lesser but for that touch-ups are needed.

Laser hair removal does not work on dark skin.

FACT: This is so wrong. Laser treatment works on all skin types irrespective of the fact whether you are dark or fair.It mainly depends on the hair color rather than skin tone and texture of hair.

Shaving leads to hair  in-growths.

FACT: This is completely wrong. Shaving does not lead to hair in-growths if you do it properly and in the right direction. You can use good and proper shaving gel to remove your hair smoothly and give a good massage to your hands and legs with after shaving lotions.

Waxing Results in rough and dry skin and leaves dark patches on the skin.

FACT: If you do not take care of your skin properly, your skin will become dry and rough. So it is important to pamper your skin with good hair-removal creams and lotions. Regular Massage is also important before and after waxing to get a healthy skin. So waxing is not responsible for your damaged and dark skin but you are.






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