Get Supercharge Sex Stamina Food

Get Supercharge Sex Stamina Food

Many of us think that sex is in mind rather than in the body, but you would be surprised to learn that sex is influenced by what is in the plate too! Astonishing as it may sound, there are certain super sex stamina food which do wonders for your libido, besides being great for your health.

Here are 8 super sex stamina food which are sure to spice up your sex life:

Dark Chocolate As A Sex Stamina Food


Wow, so good to hear this! Dark chocolate can actually enhance your sex drive as it is high in the potent compound called phenylethylamine, which plays a key role in releasing the sex-hormones called endorphins. So you get another good reason to add dark chocolate to your daily diet, don’t you?



Who said that oats make an excellent breakfast cereal to keep you in good shape and high in energy levels! They are equally favorable for your sex life as they boost the levels of testosterone. This potent hormone not only heightens your sex drive but also gives you better orgasm.



Though apple has the reputation of being the “forbidden fruit”, it is actually the strawberries which take the cake as far as erotica is concerned. These delicious berries are high in Vitamin C, which acts as a natural stimulator for the libido. Also, certain compounds in strawberries improve circulation and relax the blood vessels, improving sexual performance.



Tea is the authentic cup of good health, thanks to the healthy catechist found in them. These natural antioxidants improve the blood flow in the body, including that to the reproductive organs. A cup of tea after dinner can refresh you to perform under the sheets.



Walnuts, the potent brain-shaped nuts, have always been revered for enhancing memory and brain health, but very few of us know how good they are for the sexual prowess too. High in monounsaturated fats, these healthy nuts encourage the formation of the “good” cholesterol in the body and it is this “good” cholesterol which is the sex stamina food.



Popeye’s favorite vegetable is not only the storehouse of energy but also known as great sex stamina food too! This leafy green veggie supplies a hefty dose of magnesium, the mineral which dilates the blood vessels and facilitates the flow of blood to the genital organs. So it is not only the muscles which it pumps up…..

Red Wine


Perhaps this is the reason why a bottle of wine always finds a place on the table set for a romantic date. The rich antioxidants found in this drink arouse you by improving the blood flow to the reproductive system. But keep the booze in limits else you may doze off.



Being loaded with caffeine, a cup of coffee is enough to give a kick to your libido besides keeping you active for a long night ahead. Maybe this is the reason behind the customary coffee invitation at the end of a romantic date.

Add these super sex stamina foods to your daily diet and have fun in bed!


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