Get Flawless Eyelashes Mascara Tips

Get Flawless Eyelashes Mascara Tips

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Mascara Tips

Mascara is the key component of eye makeup and its correct application can give an outstanding appeal to your eyes. You can enhance the thickness and length of your eyelashes with it. Without proper application of mascara, even the best eye makeup would look jaded because the lashes will lack depth without it. It is vital to know the mascara tips otherwise you may end up with clumps of it on your lashes.

Here are some handy using mascara tips to create magic with your eyes:

Choose the right product

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Before starting with the application of mascara, it is essential to pick the right one among st the various products available in the market, such as lengthening, thickening or voluminous variants. Choose the one according to your requirement. Also, get waterproof mascara if you need all day wear or are prone to sweating. There are also color options in mascara, which can be opted, depending upon the natural skin and hair color. Black continues to be the top choice as it gives thick, full lashes that every woman desires.

Application Mascara Tips

  • The first step is to curl the eyelashes using a curler (this one is optional though). Grip the eyelashes in the curler from the roots, avoiding taking in the ski and press the curler, holding for 10 second and moving the curler towards the lash ends.
  • For picking up the desired amount of mascara from the bottle, twist the wand gently in circular motion or back and forth. Avoid pumping the wand in and out as it may cause flaking and drying by pushing in air in the bottle.
  • After taking the wand out of the bottle, scrape off excess quantity of mascara from it to avoid clumps on the lashes. Begin with the bottom lashes and start applying the mascara at the base, moving the wand in back and forth strokes with steady hand. Tilting your head forward is a good idea for preventing the mascara from spreading on to the cheek. Then follow with the application on top lashes, which is done by looking straight. As you sweep from the base to end of lashes, it will give a curled effect to them, while 2-3 coats will be good enough to give them a thick look. For avoiding the mascara from being transferred on the lids, you can hold a small piece of paper over the area during the application.
  • Another smart mascara tip for making the lashes appear thicker is to apply a single coat of black liner on the inner part of upper waterline of the eyes. Use waterproof gel form liner for making it last longer. This will give a dark base to the eyes and this makes the lashes appear naturally fuller and thicker.

All these simple and easy mascara tips can help you get beautiful eyes with alluring, sensuous lashes you always wanted to have!



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