Feminism Does Not Mean Male-Bashing!

Feminism Does Not Mean Male-Bashing!

This coming of age world is infected by the suffix -ism. We open our social media pages and timelines and all we see are some opinion or the other by every Tom, Dick or Harry on either of the -ism that this world is plagued with. Be it caste-ism or capitalism or racism or the new one to join the club, “feminism”. The problem is not with the issue itself, the problem is with abusing and misunderstanding of the issue at hand. Feminism is supposed to be the struggle by the dwellers of the society, which ensures that women are treated as equals in this patriarchic society, that sometimes discriminates financially, socially or professionally against a woman. It is a struggle to create an equal world where woman and man could walk hand in hand.

An average middle class female of our society is aware of herself now. She knows what she wants, she knows how to achieve it and she also knows what means to adopt in case she is denied that. But enough of male bashing, we say! Due to over-exploitation of the word over the time, the meaning of feminism has changed completely. If one part of the society thinks that gaining an equal status is equal to suppressing the other part of the society, then god help you!

Females in our society face wage struggles, feticide and low literacy rates which is why feminism becomes important as we want to be treated equal to our male counterparts. But we have to keep in mind that feminism can be practiced by male or female alike and can be a reason to fight against another male or female alike. Your husband or boss may be totally supportive of you and appreciates your work and effort. At the same time, your mother or sister may be telling you that you should learn how to cook properly so that you can get a good husband, rather than working night shifts.

Every alternate post or tweet in your timeline is about one feminist or the other ranting or writing vicious messages about how the females are portrayed and objectified in glamour world and bash every man who looks at them or sings about them. But we should not forget that these females are doing so with their own consent, and all of us, including females, are the ones who dance to these songs in pubs. As a matter of fact, it is not just the females who are at the receiving end of a society full of opinions. Men are too! They are supposed to earn good, have a house and a good bank balance before getting the society’s approval to be eligible for marriage. We don’t hear them bashing females for having such opinions or dishing out complaints for being “objectified” as the source financial security. Or to be shown as desperate romeos craving for female attention in advertisements of hair gels or deo sprays. We are sure that they, too, are more than that!

We all want a safe world for women. Where they don’t have to face dowry or infanticide or unequal treatment at work place, but blaming men for that is something that shows regressive thinking. To cry out loud that we don’t need men, will only scare them off and make them resistant to our cause. To say that men should be in the kitchen and women in the boardroom is not a solution! A society only progresses when each segment of the society works shoulder to shoulder, as upliftment of one does not mean downplaying the other. After all, we don’t want one more -ism added to the already crowded group of -isms, one that supports the men of the society.



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