Fashion Trend Color to Wear in 2016

Fashion Trend Color to Wear in 2016


2016 is the year of vibrant colors, with color trends showing wide variations. From pastel shades to loud colors, the color trends of the year have a lot to showcase and fashion enthusiasts had never seen such extensive choice before. These colors are setting international ramps on fire and women all over the world are going crazy about them, as they flaunt them everywhere, in outfits, footwear, accessories, hair and makeup.

Have a look at the best colors to wear in 2016:



For all the girls who have always been in love with pink, coral is the new shade to fall for. The prettiest shade of pink carries salmon undertones, which make it very different from the regular shade of rosy pink.


DressThose who are allured by dark tones should go for the royal and rich shade of burgundy, which has a magic of its own. The color has been ruling the fashion circles for quite a few years now and is still going strong.



Dress Collection

Dark teal is the color that is definitely going to make others green with envy as you step out in this sensuous shade. If you love going retro, this ultra-chic color is going to take it to a new dimension.



Women who are bold enough to go unconventional should try something as experimental as indigo, the second shade of rainbow, which is a glamorous cross between navy blue and cobalt.


cute dressLemon is the color which is as apt for the warmer summer days as it is for the chilly winters. The beautiful pastel shade carries all the warmth of sunny hues, along with the simplicity of creamy undertones.


dress newFor those who are courageous enough to break the norms, they should try a new shade called Persimmon, which is a subtle blend of desert orange color with a lovely shade of bright pink. This sunset fashion color has already been hyped as the winner for the spring-summer of 2016.



All those who would rather be most subdued with the color choice they made are sure to fall in love with the neutral shade of taupe, which carries unmatched elegance despite its simplicity.

Moonstone Blue


One of the most amazing colors in trend for 2016 is moonstone blue, which features all the romance and magic that any woman would look for. The simple appeal of this trendy color makes it the winner!



Lilac is the color which represents purity and grace and this is the reason why it has never been out of vogue. The pretty shade of purple is going to be loved all through the year and most probably, in the coming years too.

So what are you waiting for, make all these super-gorgeous colors a part of your fashion wardrobe in 2016 and be stylish diva you have always wanted to be!


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