Fashion Mistakes You Girls Are Committing

Fashion Mistakes You Girls Are Committing

When it comes to the fashion faux pas, you will certainly witness many raised eyebrows. Whom to be blamed? Well, no one can collar you if you are wearing what you like. But hey, are you making the move with the fashionistas or creating a news for you? There are some serious fashion crimes that many girls are committing and need to abandon on the prime aspect. Bad hair days? Bad eye days? Bad cloth days? Well, it’s your bad and you are misguided in this fashion parade. We tell you the worst fashion mistakes girls are committing and how to keep it at bay:

Many girls and women are quite skeptical about their skin tone, and in the stride of looking fair, they opt for makeup fairer or darker to their skin. This looks awful and often welcomes you in people’s rumored eyes. On the contrary, Indian skin colors are more suited to many skin tones and therefore, you do not need to don that fake complexion.

Wearing wrong lingerie in Fashion Mistakes

This is one obscenity girls can ever make. Wearing the right lingerie with your dresses must stay in your conscious. No matter how gorgeously you plan to dress, you cannot go wrong by wearing a nude lingerie with something dark and transparent. All of your efforts will go into vain if you do not wear a lingerie that provides a perfect lift.

Becoming a canvass

Too much make-up is a serious no-no. You become a canvas and actually paint your face. No matter how heavy make up your dress calls for, you do not have to go too loud with your makeup as a big fashion mistake. Accentuate single features like, lips and eyes at a time and then see the magic of going beautiful with best make up on.

Revealing muffin tops

Not everyone has a toned body, and to get it a strenuous work out is accompanied. However, woman create a mess when they don those short tops and their tyres or bulge comes out. C’mon girls it doesn’t make you look hot or sexy, rather you are fooling your attire and becoming a sense of joke for others and it is worst fashion mistakes.

Super tight shirts

Yes, many girls are seem to be wearing those excessively tight shirts that even let the buttons to cringe. This is a serious fashion mistakes and you need to dumb all those shirts that are raising eyebrows at you.

Baggy tops with palazzo pants

Next comes baggy pants with palazzos that defines you what you are not. Though palazzo pants are the rage of the market and you are planning to wear the same. But yes, do not commit the basic crime—flaunting baggy tops with palazzo pants.

Ugly panty lines

When you are wearing that perfect tights or that trouser to go just casual, you could be succumbing to make an awful fashion faux pas. Wearing bottoms of tights accentuate your panty lines, and it accounts for one of the ugliest fashion mistakes.


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