Falling In Love Or It’s Infatuation-what it is?

Falling In Love Or It’s Infatuation-what it is?

falling in love or infatuation

falling in love

Well, if you are a teenager or a parent of a child stepping into his or her teens, the most evident question causing the cheeks to turn red is – ‘Is it love?’ Blush red for the teenager and angry red for the parent. However, the matter is very sensitive and needs to be addressed properly. One needs to know correctly if the feeling is that of love, lust or just infatuation. So, you definitely need to know the difference between them.

Love, Attraction Or Concern

Evaluate your feelings honestly. Whether you are merely attracted to the other person physically or genuinely like the person and are concerned about his/her growth and well-being at all times. If your feelings match the former one, you’re probably infatuated which might even grow to lust if the feelings get more intense. The latter is more the falling in love.

Opportunity Reactions

Just imagine…if the two of you are stranded on an island or left all alone in a room, how you would react. Would you fantasize about making out or try to address the problem at hand i.e. getting out of the island safely or assure the other person that it is going to be ok. You will have a better insight about naming the feeling correctly.

Level Of Expectations

If you’re just expecting more and more out of the relationship without much consideration about your contribution or the toll it is taking on the other person, it is definitely not love. Love involves selflessness and sharing each other’s expectations and weighing the consequences.

Feeling When Together

When you are with ‘the one’, do you want to get closer physically at the back of your mind and feel like moving on to the next level with every meeting? If the answer is in the affirmative, it is simply lust. Love on the other hand, will leave you contented and smiling whenever you are not around the special someone.

Passion Or Patience

Infatuation or lust is very passionate and gets into and out of your head like the mercury – quick. Love on the other hand, is a gradual process, which grows stronger with time and still stands firm. Love is more permanent while the other two are temporary.

Readiness To Commit

Love makes you need that person for life, more like a partner whereas infatuation and lust makes you want that person without really seeing the relation being a long-term one.

So, follow your heart and know rightly what you are in for falling in love or infatuation!

Falling in Love


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