4 Eye-Catching Glass Nail Art Designs

4 Eye-Catching Glass Nail Art Designs

It all started when a Korean nail artist Eunkyung Park kick-started nail art designs trend by a simple Instagram post that took her to new levels and she became the founder of this super stunning manicure called shattered glass nail art designs. It was her manicure with cellphone tape that resembles shards of glass. This trend blew up in Korea and now the gaga is spread across boundaries.

Now this process is rocking the world and to further simplify it, Park has collaborated with beauty brands to make the looks simpler and stunning. There are stickers available to create the shattered glass nails without any fuss and extra time invested. You can also DIY this beautiful art by cutting pieces of cellphone tape and sticking it to the nails for a more mesmerizing effect.

Try it yourself:

Check out the beautiful hues of glass nail art designs that are as glittering as diamond:

1. The Classy Styles:

glass nails

This nail art designs is the most obsessive nail trend as is done by the celebrities and yes, people are coming over to experiment with the glass nails like never before.

2. Wild glass:

nails glass

Of course, it’s not real glass, just strips of cellphone, but it reflects the real light and make your nails look gleam and a million dollar affair. This style looks like a more artistic approach on a holographic manicure.

3. Like the real glass shards:

glass nail art

This offbeat nail manicure now fits in the services of every salon possible and precisely in the Korean market. There are many DIYers who tried to fabricate this look and gave a real makeover in every strand possible.

4. The Blue fantasy:

shattered glass nails

Start the process by applying a base coat followed by applying a nail color of your choice. Now finish with the layer of a topcoat. Arrange the cellphone bits in a pattern by the time nail paint is still tacky. Now gently press the cellphone bits on the still tacky nail paint and finish the process with another top coat. Just let it dry and voila here you have it.

Isn’t it that easy to execute?

Available in almost many shades of glass stickers, this technique is certainly turning flawless and people are adopting it intensely. What’s better than  having the blaze of glass craved out on your nails, and yes, you can customize it too with the ease.

Are your hell-obsessed? Go get your glass nails now!!!

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