Extramarital Affair or an Ending of Marriage

Extramarital Affair or an Ending of Marriage

extramarital affair

Extramarital Affair

While affairs are not a traditional concept, the cases are increasing especially getting involved with someone who is already married which comes with a huge number of disadvantage. While it is clearly not an acceptable decision, what drives people to pursue such extreme relationships

Here is what makes an extramarital affair exhilarating.


1.The sex is just amazing!

This one is a no-brainer! Sex with a person who has been married means a win-win situation because the individual involved would be adventurous, more mature about and keener on sexual satisfaction.

2.Is this Excitement or an invitation to future troubles??

Pursuing something that is forbidden tends to excite the human mind more than the traditional notions. It is always exciting to sneak out and meet people you are not supposed and if you are enjoying good sex with them and having fun knowing each other then it is even more fun!

3.Emotional satisfaction or playing with emotions:

A man experiencing lack of emotional intimacy may end up having an extramarital affair. A woman might not be ready for marriage but might feel attracted to a man so pursuing an affair offers her the escape too. However, cheating another women and making her believe that you are single, may leave her emotionally devastated once she knows the truth.

4.Escape from Divorce for the man

While divorce rates are rising, marriage is still sought as the till death do us part relationship. Most people pursue affairs solely to keep their marriage from breaking as former keeps them happy, surviving and going.

What makes the affair impractical?Girl Crying

1.Long lasting damage to reputation

Emotionally and sexually investing in someone else is risky since marriage is based on the mainstream concept of monogamy. So, if you are seeing someone outside the marriage, you are at the verge of losing everything! Once your relations are revealed to the world, you will lose your status, reputation and honour. Moreover, if you are in a high profile position where reputation influences you excessively then deciding against the temptation is better.

2.They never leave their wedded partner

Plain and simple, married lover seldom leave their legally wedded partner for the one they pursue affairs with. Are you ready to be the second someone in their life? You won’t get the status you dream for.

3.It’s temporary

Affairs are an escape because they are neither practical nor fulfilling in the long term. If a married man is cheating on his wife, what’s the guarantee that he won’t cheat on you?

4.It may leave you emotionally devastated

Spending time with people whether they are married or not gets you acquainted with their presence. Since the extramarital affair is not permanent, you will be forced to face reality and when that happens, it might take a toll on your emotional health.

The cons of getting involved with a married person are equivalent to committing suicide. So better involve yourself with your own partner in place of checking out other options!

Extramarital Affair

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