Essential Tips For Raising Twins

Essential Tips For Raising Twins

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Undoubtedly giving birth to a child & raising the child well is a huge challenge. What’s even more of a task is when you have twin children! Twice of activity, double feeding, double stress, double sleep deprivation are factors which are terrifying but at the same time twice the pleasure and double the joy are a given too. Here are some essential tips for a mother of twins to maintain her sanity and raise the kids with a little more ease:

Get as much help possible –

Do not feel ashamed to ask for help. It does get very difficult and unmanageable initially since the twins’ schedules may vary – one may play while the other is asleep. Accept help from your hubby, friends and relatives to take the kids out in the evening while you can take a nap or to help you with the laundry or just watch them play while you can rush to the parlor or gym.

Let them get used to each other –

While you as a mother would not want to compromise the sleep of one baby when the other is crying, do it initially. It is important for you as well as the babies so that they get used to each other & can sleep comfortably even if the other is awake or crying or playing.

Fix a schedule –

Unless you get your twins to follow a schedule, life will become a mess and you will just not find time for yourself or other important tasks at hand. Get them to follow a common schedule – be it feeding, napping, playing, bathing or diapering. This way, you can manage your twin babies more efficiently as well as get adequate sleep / execute other daily chores.

Nurse your babies together –

Yes, it is possible. You need to try different positions with the babies held in your arms or resting on your thighs before you can settle for the most comfortable arrangement. This way you will be exerting yourself lesser. Do make sure each baby is nursed properly for better sight development of both your kids.

Mark them till you can identify each of them –

Well, it is quite normal to get confused. You can either mark the nail of one with nail paint or have them wear different colored wristbands for easy identification & calling by name. This will give each of them a unique identity and differentiation from the beginning.

Raising twins definitely needs double the effort but also gives double the satisfaction!


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