Easy Ways to Fix Bad Hair Day

Easy Ways to Fix Bad Hair Day

Ehhh….did you wake up like that with hair that are unmanageable, lifeless and annoying? Girls, it’s your bad hair day. Do you want to spend the day with that tedious and time-sucking process of washing, conditioning and blow drying or what about a quick hair fix that can be a savior for all your bad hair day? Doesn’t matter how your hair  misbehave, you can try to get it in manners with some simple, quick hair fixes that can save your day without any lessen styled.

1.Ponytail With A Difference: Bad Hair Day

styleAfter you woke up from your deep slumber, what comes to your realization? Those frizzy and manageable hair? What to do? Well, ponytails offer salvation in this stride that can be donned in various styles or for that matter a chic fishtail braid. These ponytails uplift your style statement making you go look super voguish and yes, treats those frizzy and bad hair in the best form.

2.Give Volume By Curls For Thin Hair

womanWhat about curls? This season curls are the best friend that lets you move the beast out of your hair. Try adding curls to your hair in a natural way by making loose braids. You can also try curling iron by tying a ponytail and splitting hair to make the curls separately on the tied hair. It gives instant volume to hair and when you open it, you have millions to go girl.

3. Accessories Does The Trick

woman hairWearing cool accessories are super cool for a woman of all sorts. Yes, try out velvet headbands, bow hair pins that make a perfect mark on hair that are frizzy and unmanageable. You can also try those whacky and colourful scarfs that could be donned into turbans and hair bands. These look super cool and are perfect for those summery days. On your bad hair day, girls are advised to pull off their hair with a cool accessory and hit the charts.

4. Change Your Hair Parting To Create Magic

woman stylishThis has to be a hack for life where you can get over your bad hair day with this simple trick. Changing your parting can be blissful for all types of hair and with various textures. Simply dampen your hair to make the volume uniform. You can also blow dry your hair with your head upside down to restore volume that you might have lost overnight. Ensure not to blow dry your hair completely to prevent damages.

5. Dry Shampoo For Oily Hair

imagesDry shampoos are one quick fix to give back life to the hair. There is nothing bad to give a good blowout to hair all with a dry shampoo. Dry shampoos are reigning in the market to create a magic on hair that are frizzy and tangled. When you are in no mood to wash your hair, mind you girl’s dry shampoo is a saviour. Spray it at the roots. Leave it on for a few minutes and then brush it off. It absorbs excess oil and grease from the hair, giving you a healthy-looking hair.

Fix it like you never did!!



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