Easy Tips for Beginner Makeup

Easy Tips for Beginner Makeup

 When a stylish woman steps out, she needs to excel not only in terms of her outfit but also her accessories, hair and makeup. Good makeup can make all the difference in her look while that which is not done properly is bound to ruin her looks. Every female is not a born makeup artist, but can become a beginner makeup artist with time till she reaches perfection. However, certain basics can take her a long way as far as perfect makeup is concerned.

Here are the basic tips for the beginner makeup:

Know Skin Before Starting as a Beginner Makeup

make up skin type

Before you begin with makeup, it is essential for every woman to know her skin type (dry, oily or combination) and invest in products which are meant for the same. Start with moisturizer to replenish the skin’s nutritive needs.

The Primer

makeup primer

As the name suggests, the primer is to be used for making a base for the makeup so that it stays on for a long time. Using a good quality primer of the right shade is essential for a natural look and great for beginner makeup.

The Foundation

makeup foundation

After the primer is applied properly, the next step is to apply foundation with fingertips and spread it evenly. It comes in powder/ cream form and is used to camouflage the wrinkles, fine lines or any other flaws on the skin.

The Bronzer

makeup brozer

Next comes the bronzer which is used for contouring the face and give it a perfect shape and cut. Again, the shade needs to be chosen with care according to the skin tone.

The Blush

makeup blush

Beginners need to make sure that they do not overdo with any of the cosmetics, particularly the blush. A little goes a long way for giving a healthy glow to the skin.

Eye Makeup

makeup eyes

After the face is done, it is time for eye makeup which is the trickiest for beginners in makeup. Start by caressing the eyelashes with mascara, followed by application of eyeliner, which has to be done with steady hands. Then apply a nice shade of eye shadow. Beginners should start with single shade and gradually move to mixing two or more of them. And don’t forget the highlighter. Kohl pencil can make your eyes look bigger and more beautiful.

The Lips

makeup lips

Finally, it is time to apply your favorite shade of lipstick. Start by applying foundation on the lips for making the lipstick last longer. Use a lip liner to contour the lips and the fill the lips with the lipstick, followed by the application of lip gloss.

And Remember The Neck Please!

makeup neck

The makeup is not done yet till you make sure that the neck looks the same shade as the face, which is done by applying foundation.

The beginner makeup is done, but it has to be made to stay on using finishing powder, which is also going to keep the oil away and have a fresh looking face that lasts all day long. You are ready and done with your makeup!




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