Dress for Body Type to Choose Accordingly

Dress for Body Type to Choose Accordingly

This has generally been taken as a misconception that dresses are selected according to the height of a woman and not according to the shape. This is certainly been proved wrong as every woman has different body shapes that assign her the power to dress as per her body type. It is not wrong to say that most of the women remain oblivious about their body shapes and with this agony they get victimized of dressing a wrong outfit that makes them look awful. So, a woman knows your dress for body type to shine as per the new trends.

Be a part of a joy of dress for body type and know your shape.

1. New Trends For Pear shaped

Stylish Skirt for Pearshaped Body In this body type, the lower half of the body is generally wider than the upper half. The waist is well accentuated in this body type. With well-defined upper body, the women with pear-shaped bodies have round bottoms. When you pick a dress for this body type, care must be taken that emphasis is drawn on the upper body type not making the lower body part prominent.

Wear what?

A-line skirts, dark-colored bottoms, light-colored tops, cowl and square necklines, boat neck tops and strapless dresses.

2. Rectangle Shaped

Scoop Tops New trends There is no perfect body rather there is only a perfect shape. In the rectangle-shape body the width of the entire body, precisely, shoulders, hips and waist are uniform and generally on the slimmer side. With the goal of any dress is to create curves, this body type has amazing arms and legs that are good to flaunt.

Wear what?

What to wear: Scoop neck tops, long jackets to create a lean look, tops with details, collars and ruffles, dresses with ruching and colorful buttons.

3. Wedge Shaped Are In New Trends

High Jean New TrendsWomen who has this body has wide shoulders and broad chest that is in large proportion to the lower body, namely, the hips and the waist. For wedge-shaped bodies, legs are very important and these women can blaze by flaunting legs. The dresses for this body type must make legs the prime asset, not focusing on the upper body.

Wear what?

Wide-leg pants, full skirts, tops that accentuate the waistline, high-waist outfits and styles.

4. Apple Shaped

Boot Cut New Trend Jeans Apple Shaped bodyThe apple shaped figure is the one where the hips are narrow but their shoulders, ribs and back are broad. In this figure, women shall opt the dress for body type that makes the legs prime asset and aim for a dress that create the image of a long torso and a waist.

Wear what?

Monochromes, empire tops and dresses, belts at the narrowest part of the waist, V-neck tops, boot cut jeans and mini-skirts.

5. Hourglass Shaped

New trends high waist style skirts

There is another body shape that is hourglass in which women don a figure that features a tiny waist and hips and shoulders that are in proportion. This body type is curvy and women should don dresses that make their curves more prominent.

Wear what?

Fitted dresses, a waist belt, wraparound dresses, high-waist skirts, to show off your hips and straight leg or skinny jeans.

Know your dress for body type and do not create a mistake of teaming a wrong outfit that leads you committing that crime.

Dress for Body Type

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