Don’t let her go, win her back

Don’t let her go, win her back

Have you been noticing something odd about your relationship since a few days? Something which has injected you with enough doubt over the relationship? In the back of your mind you know how this can also backfire and lead to a permanent breakup with your loved one. Then what should you do? Well, just a few tips that normal and common day to day psychology gives you to give it a second thought and discuss with your partner. So, don’t worry, notice the signs and openly talk with her.

She is shopping alone could be a sign that she is stressed: Well, perfect situation to assume that is not opening up with her mental situation, is when she shops alone. It can also very well be the case that, your coming into her life has made her more positive and that is manifesting itself in her buying new clothes but then, even you know that the first case seems more plausible. Sit and talk to her, whether she is all fine or not.

She gets angry, and you think it’s rude, but it’s not: Have you noticed something has changed about her? That she is rude to you more often than she used to be? If that is the case, you certainly needs to bring your thoughts together and see if she is depressed and alone inside?

She is not enjoying her usual stuff: nails-865082_1920When you started off your relationship, you always complained about the time she took to get dressed. All of this got diluted after some time and it was still okay but lately, you have started realizing that she has lost interest in spending time for herself. Maybe she wants your attention, calm her, take her out, spend quality time with her. She may be feeling heavy inside!!

She weeps and cries, she has secluded herself:

Clear as it may sound, she is hiding something and you need to find if she is all fine or not. She has suddenly stopped meeting her friends and makes excuses for the same. She weeps and cries but never discloses her state of mind.



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