Dance Meditation- How it works?

Dance Meditation- How it works?

Dance meditation is defined as a way of translating the thoughts of the mind through the nerves of our body by physical movement. It helps in attaining the stability of peace which in turn boosts the intellect and relocates harmony in the upcoming life cycle. It is the method of the realization of the purity of soul through the curves of dance which is effective yet engaging at the same time.

dance meditation

The moving meditation system is best illustrated with eyes closed and can be performed alone without possessing the knowledge of dance steps. The utter silence helps in spiritual growth for the attainment of mental balance. Profound thoughts are explored by the practitioners of this art. There is no discipline in following this art as in order to perform, we have to have faith in our heavenly heartbeat, follow our intuition, mend the bonds of our mind from the worldly senses and frame a picture of harmony which would guide us in learning this art. Soothing music is played for the relaxation of our mild hearts and deeper levels of concentration in the self in which the lyrics provide a momentum to the physical body filled with the ocean of emotions.

As per the words of Swami Vivekananda, our mind is in a constant state of flux. If we allow ourselves to focus on a particular object for a while, we would be able to observe that our mind is like a chattering monkey. The lack of peace forces us to search for better methods of meditation which is why the dance meditation is considered as the best for relieving stress out of the body. Basic practice subjects include breath dance, gestures, sufi-whirling, belly dance, undulation, etc., which helps in creating the vibrations in the body and we are ought to concentrate on those micro motions of those sensations. The awareness to the echo of vibrations of those connective tissues brings deeper focus which results in rhythmic movement.

Thereby, the unique art of dance meditation helps in creating the emotional connection and optimizes positive energy in the soul. The physical exercise helps the body relax which in turn heals the past traumas occurred. Thus the creativity of this art facilitates and enhances the skills of problem-solving through the experience of movement, music and meditation.

Practice this effective and new mode to get the amazing effect from it in the long run.

Dance Meditation



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