Challenges Of Adolescent Parenting

Challenges Of Adolescent Parenting

Being a parent is not easy and it becomes particularly challenging when the child becomes a teenager. From diapers and sleepless nights to tantrums and peer pressure, it becomes a big transition which makes the job a more emotionally taxing one rather than a physical hardship. As your baby becomes an adolescent, he or she has a mind of their own and suddenly you seem like the biggest enemy to them, disrupting their lives with your so called old fashioned perspective of looking at things.

Here are the challenges most parents of adolescent children are likely to face:

Talking Back


The most difficult issue for parents of adolescents is facing their temper tantrums and rude talking, which can really test their patience and resilience. Teens usually find problems with the advice of their parents and they do not hesitate putting them in words. Hard as it may sound, it is best to tackle the situation with restraint and maturity as arguments may make the situation worse.

Peer Influence


As your little one reaches her teens, all the aspects of her life seem to be influenced by her peer group, from her speech to her attitude and dressing sense. Furthermore, you may not agree with anything she does. While interference may not be seen as a feasible solution, keeping an eye on the child is a must and as a parent, you should go ahead and take an action if you notice anything amiss with the child’s company.

Lifestyle and Habits


Another major issue that comes up as a hurdle in adolescent parenting is the changing lifestyle and habits of the child. Physical and hormonal changes can make the child lethargic and lazy, which may be seen as irresponsibility. Some children make drastic changes in their dietary habits because of weight loss urge. Here, parents need to frame rules and adhere to them so that children realize gradually that they have to follow them for their own good. Small responsibilities should be delegated to the child so that it develops a sense of self-worth in them.

Career Decisions


From career point of view, adolescence is the most crucial point of time because this is the time of decision making and determines the direction where the child’s career is going to move in the future. It is the responsibility of the parents to consider the interest and aptitude of the child while deciding a career. Leave the final decision to the child.

Substance Abuse


Substance abuse can be a parent’s worst nightmare as this is the age when the child is most likely to fall prey to drugs, alcohol, smoking and pre-marital sex. A friendly attitude and patient ear can make the biggest assets for parents at this precipitous stage. They should offer a healthy environment at home, where children can talk openly with parents and share their problems.

Parents should try to inculcate the virtues of patience, resilience, understanding, trust and unending love for their adolescent children, to overcome these challenges successfully.

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