Causes of Anger in Men & Consequent Management

Causes of Anger in Men & Consequent Management

This article adheres to something which often comes under the topics termed clichéd but still hold relevance. Yes, anger and its management have now been studied since quite a long time but haven’t still lost their pertinence and are still continue to being researched and worked upon. As stereotypical as they may sound, anger issues have since long been more associated with men than women. One reason for this is that men vent anger in social circumstances more than women, who do it in the confinements of their home. Whatever may be the case, anger at large still remains a problem to tackle as it can really take hold of someone’s life and make it haywire. Hence, anger management is as important as management of other dimensions of life. Following the same, this article concerns itself with the major biological and social causes of anger and anger management techniques which can be adopted easily without any hassles.

Causes of AngerAlmost every type of anger comes from what is called as ‘amygdala’, a special part of the brain which controls our level of anger along with those of fear but it still needs a trigger which comes in most cases from environmental and societal factors. Be it the stress of job which manifests itself in the form of anger in domestic arena or be it non-achievement of a specific task which you really wanted to accomplish; anger can thus comes in many forms and the direct effect of this is on most men’s day to day life. Anger can often lead to problems with your family, your boss among other people whom you deem is important for you. Hence to maintain harmony in all these relationships, curbing of anger is important but most men find it difficult to circumvent their anger since it is difficult to find the source of it and subsequently manage it appropriately; hence it very important to learn certain anger management techniques crucial for the efficient management of day to day life.

Managing Anger Made EasyMost psychologists come up with anger management techniques which are difficult to follow since they intervene in your routine life but you don’t need to worry. Taken from different experts are some techniques listed below which will help you manage anger without intruding your cycle of routine.

  • Identify Solutions: Since anger can rise from the inability to solve a problem, it is thus important to focus on different types of appropriate solutions to manage a problem. Hence experts from Mayo clinic asks you to sit down, take a deep breath and think about solutions. It certainly helps turn anger at bay.
  • The Miracle of Avoidance: Sometimes not situations, but people can be the source of anger for you. The best answer? Avoid them! The problem which arises though is that certain people cannot be avoided. In that case, one can just remain calm and accept people as they come without reacting to what they say.
  • Distraction: Experts at the Australian psychological society points out that distraction can lead to managing anger. Playing soothing music, counting, catering to your hobbies, simply polishing your car and other ways of distraction can be of much help.
  • Meditation: Mindfulness meditation has been effectively tested now by various psychological institutions all over the world as a method to curb anger. It makes you understand and accept the situations around you which in turn helps to control anger.
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