Bullied at School: Some Signs of Child

Bullied at School: Some Signs of Child


Ragging is to colleges what bullied at school – that is, an absolute Institutional no-no. It is much more difficult for kids to handle bullying than their adults since they are emotionally more vulnerable and hence need help of parents & teachers to be able to handle it.

Normally, children keep from telling such stuff to adults since they doubt if they will be believed. Other reasons include being warned by the bully or low self-confidence and fear. So, you as parents need to watch out for little warning signs to nip the bullied at school.

  1. Cut marks, scratches or bruises – Watch out for unexplained injuries on the body of your child.
  2. Feeling hungry always or marked changes in eating habits– The bullies might be eating your child’s tiffin or hiding it from him for long.
  3. Not wanting to go to school in the school bus – That might be the place where he/she gets bullied at school.
  4. Bully other kids around – This usually happens to retaliate with the behavior meted out to him/her.
  5. Regularly suppressing urination till he/she reaches home – Washrooms are easy bullying grounds since it is void of supervision by teachers or elders.
  6. Unexplained mood swings – Your child may be happy one minute and depressed the other minute; annoyed one minute and excited the other minute.
  7. Does not want to be left alone at any point – If you notice you child suddenly wanting company everywhere, watch out – he/she might be too afraid to be left alone for the fear of being bullied.
  8. Frequent nightmares, sweating while sleeping or bed-wetting
  9. Decline in academic performance – A child finds it difficult to focus and concentrate when bullied.
  10. Staying aloof from children at school or even with neighborhood friends.
  11. Returns home with torn clothes.
  12. Returns home with some or the other school stuff in a damaged condition.
  13. Unexplained missing belongings of the child – school books, water bottle, tiffin, pencil-box etc.
  14. Does not want to go online.
  15. Seems nervous when asked about happenings at school or friends.
  16. Very low self-confidence and low self-perception.
  17. Blames self for all wrong things around.
  18. Does not want to participate in school activities.
  19. Harming oneself or self-inflicted injuries.
  20. Hiding in some corner of the house or liking to spend time alone.

Be watchful of these little signs and try to talk your child into revealing instances of bullying since it will impact your child’s development & personality.

Bullied at School



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