Build Work Relationships With Meditation

Build Work Relationships With Meditation


Build Work Relationships

The way you perceive experiences, deal with people and make decisions at work often has a lot to do with experiences and opinions you may have drawn over the years.

Many of our past experiences also often result in grudges, unsolicited reactions, and conflicts with colleagues and other co-workers, leaving a working environment extremely dysfunctional.

Psychotherapists and counsellors have often found a solution in workplace meditation that help individuals cope with inner anger and stress to eventually help to build work relationships within one’s work.

Here are a few ways by which meditation can help improve workplace relationships –

1. Gaining Control over your Reactions

Stress and anger tend to lose their grip on one’s mind and body a lot more quickly and easily. Towards the end of a hard day at work, chances are that all the pent-up tension and frustration that you have gathered through the day can result in an angry reaction to a colleague or subordinate. Take some time off in the day to pursue some breathing exercises. While doing so try to understand what is going on, how it is impacting your body and brain and try to focus on ways to calm down with meditation.

2. Finding more Emotional Resilience

A bad review from a boss or a picky customer can surely put you in an unpleasant mood that impacts the way you continue dealing with other people through your day. Instead, relying on meditation allows you to find ways to repair your unpleasant mood faster, freeing you up to be emotionally available for the good things that happen in a typical work day.

Regulating your emotions with meditation doesn’t mean you deny them or suppress them deep inside. In fact, meditation empowers individuals to get back to their baseline with much more ease and efficiency.

3. Enhanced Communication Skills

Research shows that meditation helps to build work relationships that enables them to get attuned to people when they are in a conversation. This means that you will be able to listen and understand other people without any distortion and respond in a relevant and coherent manner. Considering how critical communication skills are for a good working relationship, meditation can help your brain truly get organized for long-term well-being.

4. Flexibility in Response

Most of us tend to have a limited list of reactions to situations that make us angry. For instance, many people tend to yell and blame when they are ashamed, others cry when criticized, regardless of the fact that it was a positive and constructive one while others choose to lock themselves up inside.

The habits our nervous system form are a lot like electrical surges that make us vulnerable. Meditation empowers us with an emotional circuit breaker allowing you to be more mindful and conscious about your response.

Finally, meditation also helps improve your ability to empathise, making you a much more understanding co-worker who works hard to build work relationships without losing one’s own awareness of their current state of mind.

Build Work Relationships


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