British Airways heart stirring video will awake your emotions

British Airways heart stirring video will awake your emotions

India is a country that is filled up with immense power and affection. We have values imbibe in our heart and garnered with the same from our very roots. As we grow up, we transform it to our youngers and henceforth it is a legacy that reflects in every Indian. The mesmerizing touch of warmth and respecting the guests and treating them like a God.

To trigger this emotion and exhibit the same in the world, British Airways presented this ad which depicts true Indianness where this old woman who was travelling back to India after visiting her son, experienced great hospitality in her journey in the British airways aircraft. The air hostess who was serving all the passengers was skeptical about her this new journey to Indian Route. But this incident changed her vision and all she feels is the incredible vibes that Indians and India offer.

It is a video that defines the undefined feeling of oneness, love, affection and how strangers become yours just by a pinch of added care. Yes, this video depicts a story of a bond that is merely formed on a flight journey and got honed thereby and shared by several Indians who took a flight with British airways. India is indeed a country that is well explained and ’Atithi Devo bhavah’ proves straight correct to this gesture. The gesture of letting others savour your delight, experience your culture, traditions and the mesmerising connect of two different natives.

As youngsters, we criticise our country at par be it about corruption, intolerance, hygiene and several other factors but whatever comes in picture get faded when you love your country. You can fly to other territories but will rest at peace in your own grounds, your roots which is always attached like an umbilical cord to your motherland.


A country with unbound diversity, plethora of cultures and languages, delicious food and a notion of love. All these ingredients make India what it is, a beautiful paradise, a land of distinctness.

British airways that took its maiden journey in 1924 gives an ode to the country in this heart-stirring new ad that describes true India in the very sense. The video so inspired by a true story depicts how a small gesture can take you a long way. Anything that is done with a good heart comes with a highly yearning result. As this is a gesture you might relate to, but how this small move blessed her life and awakened her emotions with that one smile.

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