Bridal Make Up Essential – What to Buy?

Bridal Make Up Essential – What to Buy?

Bridal Make Up

What do you mean by D day? D for Decisions, D for Dilemma? Actually both, Decision of getting married which is already taken.  Dilemma because when you are the bride you are always confused and running around making sure things are going perfect for you. It’s all about last minute shopping and arrangements, clothes, shoes, accessories and bridal make up. We tend to neglect the skincare and makeup bit. That’s because we are too dependent on our make-up artist for everything.  I have some crazy disasters happening in few of my friend’s wedding when the bridal make up artist didn’t turn up. Every girl should know to do a little bit of makeup because you cannot be hiring a make-up artist for all your functions like haldi, mehendi etc. This is why I suggest you keep an emergency bridal essential kit which keeps you secured.

1. Skincare Product

I cannot stress on how important a good cleanser, toner, moisturiser and sunscreen is for a bride. A beautiful clear skin is a canvas for a make-up artist. A bride’s skin plays a vital role for her overall appearance at the marriage.

2. Foundation and Concealer


 Because you don’t want to end up looking cakey on your special day. Make sure you pick a foundation that doesn’t give you whitish cast in the photographs.

3. Primer


A primer is something which hides your pores and makes your face makeup ready. Most of the primer have silicone based gels which help your makeup last long.

4. Eyeshadow & Glitter Palettes


A bride’s look is all about red, golds and glitters. Pick up an eye shadow palette which has shades of gold, copper and shimmers. Also add shades like matte black and browns to your palette. These eyeshadows are must in every bridal make up kit.

5. Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter

bronzer highlighter

 A well-chiselled face cannot be achieved without a bronzer and a highlighter. Pick up a bronzer which is two shades darker than your skin tone and a champagne shade highlighter. Avoid white highlighters for Indian skin tones. A pink and a coral blush is a must-have to get those happy cheeks.

6. Eyeliner, Mascara & Kohl

Makeup Kit

Black eyeliner is a necessity but that’s not it! Keep a royal blue, emerald green and a purple pencil handy! A voluminous mascara to open up your eyes and a kohl which is smudge free and long lasting.

7. Lipbalm, Lipstick


A bride’s lips cannot afford to look dry and flaky. Invest in a good lipbalm which will hydrate and plump up your lips. Lipstick in shade of red, coral and brighter pinks is a yes –yes! A nude, red and a pink lip pencil will keep your lipstick from spreading out.

8. Makeup Brushes

makeup brushes

If you don’t want to invest in a set of make-up brushes it is ok! However, invest in 5 main brushes which is a foundation brush, a contouring angled brush for bronzer and highlighter, an eyeshadow blending brush to blend your eyeshadows. An eye shadow dome brush which can also be used to dab eyeshadow as well as to fix your brows and a multipurpose brush for your face which can be used for applying powder, blush, highlighter and setting your makeup.

9. Makeup Fixing Spray

How does this helps? It helps to keep your makeup at place and fresh. It keeps your face looking bright and beautiful throughout your ceremonies.

10. Other Essentials

other essentials

You need to keep these things mandatorily in your kit – Q-tips, blotting papers, wet tissues, mint, eye brow pencil, a bi-phased makeup remover, cotton, a compact powder with mirror, perfume, safety pins and an eye whitening drop.

Make sure you bookmark this article for bridal make up in case you happen to forget any of the stuff I mentioned here.

Bridal Make Up


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