Breads Making Controversy

Breads Making Controversy


Bread and the controversy

Packaged breads may have contained cancer-causing chemicals which was indicated by Centre of Science and Environment after conducting tests on packaged breads. According to reports, 84 percent of the branded breads contain potassium iodate and potassium bromate, which are permitted in India but banned in most countries. The sample text included pre-packaged bread manufacturers such as Britannia, pizza from fast food chains as Mc Donald’s and KFC. After publishing this report, sale of bakery products has fallen 10%.

Even if we don’t think about the cancer, bread is a controversial food since long time for anyone who is a little health conscious. In the last few years, presence of gluten, the protein in bread has become the enemy of our health, the cause of autoimmune disorder. With the result bread is replaced by the healthy ,but less tasty brown rice.

Before there were bakeries everywhere in Delhi, most of the people lived on bread sold in these plastic packs. People still do. Can you imagine school’s tiffin without bakery products? In city life, packaged bread is really hard to avoid, as it is very convenient.

Facing allegation of the presence of harmful chemicals in bread,  bread manufacturers’ body said they will stop using controversial potassium iodate and potassium bromate and as additives.

The All India Bread Manufacturers Association, which control over 90 organized breads manufacturers in India such as Harvest Gold and Britannia. They asked FSSAI to verify the findings report of CSE that indicate containing cancer-causing chemicals.

FSSAI has said a notification will be issued very soon and use of harmful chemical will be stopped. Ramesh Mago President of All India Bread Manufacturers Association ,told that they would stop usage of cancer causing chemicals. He, however, said proper scientific study must need to do with the issue.

Harvest Gold, MD Adil Hussain said that it is a matter of respecting public opinion, and they will stop using this chemical henceforth. He also said  that they will use other alternatives such as emulsifiers and enzymes depending on what product they are making. However, he also said these chemicals were in the book of FSSAI published amongst with the other 11,000 ingredients that are allowed to use for food products. Hussain claimed that they are using these chemicals for almost two decades. And it is safe and legally allowed by FSSAI in India and FDA in USA and perfectly safe.


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