Brain Stroke – Sudden Cause of It

Brain Stroke – Sudden Cause of It


Brain Stroke

When the blood supply to brain is stopped by blockage (ischemic stroke) or bleed (Hemorrhage stroke) then one might counter brain stroke. Every function of the body is prompted by blood supply. A stroke can be temporary or transient or can make permanent damage to the brain. The brain stroke has far fetching effects. Here are few symptoms to identify it.

Symptoms and stroke effects

  • Trouble with speech and understanding– If you notice incoherent speech with a lopsided slur, or difficulty in understanding simple conversation then possibility of stroke loom large.
  • Numbness or paralytic– if right side of the body, arm or leg goes numb and loses any mobility then stroke is rife.
  • Headache– If sudden headache is accompanied by vomiting and dizziness, then beware of the stroke.
  • Blurred eyes– If your eyes are blurred or loss of vision of an eye for sometime or double vision, then the possibility is that you are having a stroke.
  • Disturbed alignment– When you feel trouble in walking then you may be having this.
  • Loss of coordination– When the distance, depth, front and back can’t be deciphered by the body and simple task like picking something or buttoning the shirt becomes a cumbersome effort then stroke is pre- eminent.

 Medical attention– If anyone of the above signs is noticed patient needs immediate attention of a doctor. The ‘FAST’ is the buzz word before you get to the doctor.

FAST – This is an abbreviation for

F= Face- Ask sufferer to smile, note the smile drops sideways.

A=Arms– Ask the patient to raise both arms skyward, if one arm unable to rise.

S= Speech– Check slur in speech by telling him to speak something.

T=Time– If any of the above signs have negative response call medical emergency service.

Sooner the better, delaying in seeing a doctor could lead to the deterioration of patient’s health.

Treatment for brain stroke– Lack of blood supply to the brain results to a stroke, this emergency needs   immediate medical attention to restore the blood supply to the brain.

Treatment– The first step for treatment is ABC (airways, breathing & circulation) check. Ensure that patient can breathe easily and the blood pressure is appropriate. Then all IV fluids, oxygen and CT scans will follow to regulate the normalcy.

Rehabilitation– All the stroke victims recover to some extent some partially, some complete. The cooperation and support of near and dear ones of patient is vital to survive this misfortune and help the sufferer to live normally.

Brain Stroke


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