Boost Immune System by Using Inked

Boost Immune System by Using Inked

Intrigued by the Schrodinger’s cat tattoo and want to get inked again? Science has certainly backed your this endeavor. As per a new research it is found that getting inked multiple times can boost immune system and you are better able to fight off those deadly infections. So what is the catch? You need more than one tattoo to see the effect and if you already had then you may find.

The Researchers of the University of Alabama had claimed that getting inked multiple tattoo is lot like working out. They examined the number of tattoos of the participants and how long each session took roughly? After that the researchers measured the levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A and stress hormone cortisol in the participants’ saliva samples.


The participants in this research saw major difference in their immunoglobulin A level. The participant who had their first tattoo, the cortisol level witnessed a wide decrease in immunoglobulin A and those with bunch of tattoos exhibited only slight difference. This is possibly due to strong immune response.

Another Dr Christopher Lynn who is an anthropology associate professor said that each time when you get inked body goes with a certain level of stress and multiple times the pain reduces and you become stronger.

It could be also explained as-

Injecting a foreign contaminant into one’s skin makes the body exhausted. Getting multiple tattoos could be a workout for the Boost immune system.

Better get inked!

#Disclaimer:  All advises related to heath strictly depends upon Your  Medical Prescriptions & Body type. Before having to adopt anything for your health or body you need to have a Proper Consultation.

Boost Immune System

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