Beware! Depression may Lower Pregnancy Chances

Beware! Depression may Lower Pregnancy Chances



For all the ladies who are reading this, here’s a word of caution – If you’re trying to conceive and have not been able to successfully do so in a long while, you may need the help of a psychologist. The reason being that depressions significantly lowers the chances of getting pregnant and there is researched evidence to prove this. Females with significant to severe depressive symptoms had a 38% lower chance of conception compared to the females who suffered from low or no depression at all.

However, women who were treated with a particular class of antidepressants showed improvement in the fertility levels.

So, given the above fact, if you’re trying to conceive you should definitely remain happy. If not, at least not under depression. Here are some ways how you can shoo away from it.

Exercise Regularly in Depression

Exercising increases activity as well as blood circulation and keeps the brain engaged leaving no room for negative thoughts. Regular exercising is as effective as medical anti-depressants.

Follow A Nutritional Diet

Eating healthy aids physical and mental well-being. Include fruits, juices, leafy vegetables and proteins in your daily meal. Take small meals and well-balanced meals – they keep you active, full as well as reduce mood swings. On the contrary, foods which are full of cholesterol or fats should be avoided since they induce laziness as well as negative thoughts.

Opt For Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation methods such as yoga have proved to be highly beneficial in keeping stress and sorrow at bay. Also, they help you stay fit. They also produce happy hormones and contribute to your well-being.

Acupuncture is also a great way to cure sadness. The word of caution however is that you must consult a qualified acupuncture professional before starting off.

Sleep Well

Sleep is very important for mental health. People who do not catch up on good sleep, which is at least six to eight hours, suffer from stress, mood swings, fatigue as well as tiredness.

Get Social Help And Support

Loneliness triggers depression. So, remain socially connected with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours to have support readily available. Talking about your worries and concerns with trusted ones certainly helps to minimize sadness.

Last, but not the least get the help of a psychologist if you are not able to handle internal unhappiness and void all by yourself.

Reduced conception rate in depressed people may be God’s sign that it is very important to be happy yourself to bring your bundle of joy in this world!



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