Best Pregnancy Fashion to Flaunt Your Baby Bump

Best Pregnancy Fashion to Flaunt Your Baby Bump

Pregnancy is probably one of the most special periods in a woman’s life, as this is the time when she experiences the pleasure of nurturing another life within her womb. Most of the women are blessed with natural glow during pregnancy, but dressing their body is usually what they are stuck about. The rapidly growing baby bump as well as the flab that shows on their bust, bottom, arms and legs becomes hard to conceal with every passing day. A few pregnancy fashion tips and the woman can look glamorous even as she puts on weight!

Here are some of the best pregnancy fashion tips to flaunt your baby bump:

Maxi Dresses

pregnancy maxi dresses

The lovely, floor length maxi dresses can turn out to be true fashion winners during the maternity phase. Most of them are crafted in flowing material such as chiffon and georgette, and provide an elegant and effortless drape. The matchless comfort is another factor which works in their favor.

Trendy Tops

pregnancy tops

Comfort is the main consideration for choosing the tops that can look good over the baby bump. Look for the ones made in soft, stretchable fabric that look elegant too. Plunging V-neckline and empire waists look glamorous on the baby bump. Avoid baggy tops as they can make you look gross.

Maternity Jeans

pregancy jeans

If you are not of the dressy kinds, pick a pair or two of comfortable maternity jeans that can be worn through the entire pregnancy, thanks to the innovative idea of adjustable elasticized waist. Team them up with loose tees and step out with grace and ease.

Stylish Skirts

pregancy skirts

For the office going expectant mommies, skirts can be life-savers during pregnancy. They might actually feel awkward dressed up in dresses or jeans during maternity, but skirts make a good pick for looking office-ready with the baby bump. Maxi and flared skirts work well with the look according to pregnancy fashion. Again, wearing the right kind of top will enhance the overall look.


pregnancy leggings

Leggings can be rightly called a pregnant woman’s best friend, because they provide extreme comfort and look graceful too. They are ideal for the third trimester because of the support they provide and the breathable fabric they are made in. Leggings can be paired with kurtas, tunics and long t-shirts.

Dark colors look good on would-be mommies and so do patterns and prints. Wearing the right accessories is also important as they can draw attention away from the imperfections of a pregnant body. Flat footwear is a safe bet for this time. Another useful tip to flaunt your baby bump is to look for the outfits which fit well, being neither too loose nor too tight. Besides being careful about choosing her outfits, the woman also needs to wear well fitted and comfortable innerwear so that everything she wears looks good on her.

Wear your confidence and smile and you can definitely be the most gorgeous mommy-to-be with these pregnancy fashion tips!

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