Best Accessories During Pregnancy

Best Accessories During Pregnancy

Wow, your pregnancy test has turned out positive and it is time to rejoice the coming of the tiny bundle of joy, which is going to be a part of the family soon! The joy, however, comes as a part of the package, with your belly growing larger over the nine months and movement becomes laborious as you reach the end of the pregnancy. Looking stylish can be quite a challenge too, as you may simply not feel confident and comfortable enough to give it a try. But it is easy for would-be- mommies to score high on the style quotient by trying out small, little tricks with their dressing sense and accessories during pregnancy.

Here are some accessories during pregnancy that would rock your look those special nine months:

A Trendy Bag : Accessories During Pregnancy

pregnancy bags

Make sure that you tug along a trendy handbag when you step out for shopping or a trip to your gynecologist. It should not only be stylish but also have enough space to keep a snack or two handy, if you happen to get that quintessential craving when you are out. Vibrant colors that match your outfit make a good way to look like a fashionable mommy-to-be.

Comfortable Footwear

pregnancy footwear

A pair of ballet flats or sandals makes a good choice for pregnancy footwear as these are safe and comfortable. Buy a size bigger as your feet may swell up by the end of the pregnancy, but make sure that they are not so loose that you might trip while wearing them. Active mommies can opt for sneakers if they are not too keen on making a style statement.

For Jewelry, Keep It Minimalistic

pregnancy jewelry

While choosing the jewelry that you would like to wear during pregnancy, the rule of thumb is “less is more”. A bright necklace and a simple bracelet, along with a pair of hoops, can lend you a trendy look. But keeping it minimalism is the key as heavy jewelry can make you uncomfortable at this time and good accessories during pregnancy. Some women also come across skin allergies during pregnancy and would rather stay away from jewelry pieces.

The Right Makeup and Hairstyle

pregnancy makeup

It is a good idea to use makeup and hair style as accessories during pregnancy because these can go a long way in making you stand out in the crowd. Most of the women glow naturally during this magical period; so it is better to go for light, natural makeup. Similarly, you can try out soft natural looking curls with your hair or tie it up in a bun or braid if the heat is troubling you.

And Most Important, Your Smile!


The most important accessories to carry in pregnancy that a mommy-to-be can have is her smile, which radiates the happiness of a new beginning to be. Let the world be jealous of the inner happiness that you feel. Walk with poise and confidence as you flaunt your ability to give birth to a new life.

Make sure that you carry a good posture and stay relaxed during pregnancy. Take good care of your appearance as you deserve to look special during these special nine months.



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