Benefits of Vegetable Hair Colour

Benefits of Vegetable Hair Colour


Vegetable Hair Colour for every kind of hair!

The natural, organic products always happen to have an edge over the ones manufactured with chemicals. So is the case with the hair colour! Even if going organic, it is very important that you understand the benefits of using vegetable hair colour. Therefore, let’s have a quick look at the advantages.

No chemicals/ toxins that cause harm

The hair dyes that are made of leaves are the most popular ones and are easily available in the market. But there are other dyes too that are equally good but are difficult to find like the ones made with bark, stem and minerals. You can also go for the hair dyes made of flowers and fruits. These too are healthy options!

Maintains the original hair structure

It is a tough thing to get back your original hair structure because the shampoos, conditioners and the other chemical dyes that you might have been using must have had good amounts of chemicals in it. And all these when combined together damage your hair to the core. But when you start using vegetable hair dyes you help your hair get a healthy structure.

There won’t be any further damage

You will be free from all types of hair damages like hair fall, hair breakage, split ends, frizzy and dry hair, and dandruff too. Your scalp too gets proper nourishment, which eventually leads to a healthy crown of hair. In addition, these hair colors themselves have deep conditioning qualities, and so will help in retaining the good health of your hair.

Perfect hair coloring option for people with sensitive skin

These hair colors don’t have ammonia in it, a component responsible for causing irritation to skin.

Recommended to pregnant women

Not coloring your hair for nine months is not going to help. The organic hair dyes will help you have a lustrous hair even during your pregnancy. But to be on the safer side, take a skin test before the final application.

Get long-lasting results

Not all vegetable hair colour will offer you long-lasting results. But, if you choose a right product then you can get the best outcome. You will of course have to maintain it with proper hair care though.

Color options available

For those who wish to try new colors will be delighted to know that vegetable hair dyes are available in plenty of colors such as plum, mahagony blonde, copper blonde, crimsom, deep oranges to name a few.

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