Bedroom Rules For Newly Weds Couple

Bedroom Rules For Newly Weds Couple

Marriage marks the beginning of a new phase in the life of a couple as they step into a whole new world, where they become one, physically and emotionally. And of course, sex is an important part of this phase, as the couple experiences the heights of passion in the initial few months of their marriage. The level of heat however, varies from couple to couple. While there are some who cannot just have enough of each other, a few others have things going lukewarm between them. There are some things that they can do to experience the pleasure of being with each other to the best, because once this time is gone, it’s never going to be back. Here are the basic bedroom rules for each other.

Marital counseling

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Marital counseling can go a long way in enhancing the sexual pleasure of the couple as it helps them in overcoming their doubts and fears regarding sex and also makes them aware of important facts like first-time sex, contraception and sex positions.

Both the partners should be ready for it

Rather than manifesting marriage as the license to unlimited sex, which is what most young men think, it should be more of an agreement of mutual sexual pleasure. This means that both the partners should be mentally prepared and emotionally attached before they seek union of bodies.

Create the ambience

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A newlywed couple should make it a point that they create an ambience so that they can be drawn to each other rather than indulging in mechanical sex. Candles, flowers and fragrance are all time favorite and they definitely do the trick as bedroom rules. Of course, you can think of innovative ideas as these will bring more pleasure for both of you.


The first time together is always a memorable one, but experimenting is a great way to make each time memorable. Try new positions and new places for making love and you will surely experience new thrill every time you do it. Remember that foreplay and after play, are as important as the intercourse and women love them, even if they are usually not able to say the same to their partner. In the same way, men love to see their partners shedding their inhibitions and going wild.

Go erotic

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Another great idea of bedroom rules to spice up your sex life is to go erotic….read a sexy book together, play a love game or watch a movie, anything that turns both of you on. And in time, you would come up with a common interest for sure!

Looks do matter

love-1109121_1920Physical attraction is very important for a newlywed couple because this is something which gets them at the first place. So pay attention to your looks and focus on weight and physical fitness at this time. Also, be attentive towards personal hygiene because nothing is more repulsive in bed than a lousy looking and foul smelling partner.

Sexual attraction is one of the foundation stones of a successful marriage and these simple bedroom rules will help newlyweds strengthen this bond.

Bedroom Rules


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