Beard Styles for Men’s Perfect Look

Beard Styles for Men’s Perfect Look

Beard Styles

Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Hrithik Roshan. What is common amongst these incredibly handsome guys except for Greek God looks? You guessed it right! A beard! Movember is a thing of past. Now you don’t just grow a beard in the month of November, you can have it any time of the year! It can be a trimmed beard or a fully grown one. It all depends upon the kind of the face cut that you have. A nicely trimmed beard on your face can change your personality altogether for good, which will also reflect in your personal and professional life. Before growing a beard it is always best to know the kind of beard that will suit your face, else you may end up looking like that grizzly bear from the movie “The Revenant”. Each face is unique and has different features which is unique to the kind of beard styles that will suit it. Here is a guide to what is the best beard styles for your face cut:

Long face

So you have a long lean never ending face and want to camouflage it with beard styles that does not make it look any longer. So it is best to have a beard which is full at the sides and short at the chin. It will balance out  your long face shape and makes it look oval. Having a bearded chin is a big no-no, it will make your face look even longer.

Large face

If you have a large face cut, keeping full beard styles and a large moustache will do wonders for it. It will hide the size of your face and give it a more proportional look. Don’t even think about keeping a short patchy beard! It will make your face look bigger.

Round face

Exactly opposite of the long face, a round face needs to have a beard style that will make it look a tad longer. You can grow a long beard at the chin and keep it shorter on the sides. It will give a more masculine look to your face. Never ever keep strong sideburns on a round face. A goatee also goes well with such a face cut.

Square face

Tired of being called Spongebob at every friend’s meet? An interesting beard style has come to your rescue. A style that is shorter at the sides and longer towards the chin will give some length to the face and make it look less square. You can also go with a goatee for this face shape.

Triangular face


We know that your face is not meant to drill a hole in the wall and we know that you have become tired of that joke. Time to hide that pointed chin with a fuller beard. More hair you have around your jawline, more will your face appear masculine. Keep trimming the beard on your chin and side burns though, else your face will look more pointed.

Diamond shape

Prominent chin is the most striking feature of this face shape. Hence, like a triangular face, a full beard will help you camouflage your features. You can keep long thick sideburns which will help to balance out the pointed chin. The edges can be trimmed to draw a borderline and give that beard a shape, a good mix of rugged and clean look!

Oval face

Beards and oval faces are like soul mates. Go wild with your imagination for this one and keep experimenting with your beard styles, and you will still end up looking like Brad Pitt. There is no special style or cut needed for this face shape and you do not need to balance out any feature.

If your face does not fall into any of these shapes and you have been pulling your hair trying to figure out a beard style that will suit for your face cut, don’t worry! Grow your facial hair to the fullest, then start trimming from the places you do not want to highlight. This will take a bit of a hit and trial and more efforts than usual, but with perseverance and imagination, you will end up having a perfect beard style that you can carry. For the unfortunate ones, who cannot grow much facial hair, it is advised to keep a clean shaven look. A patchy beard look crude and makes you look unkempt. Keep experimenting with those facial hair and give your personality an overhaul. After this, you can also give a tip or two to your friends to make an impression.


Beard Styles

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