Barbie Fashion Style to Adopt in Closet

Barbie Fashion Style to Adopt in Closet

Barbie Fashion

Remember when we were kids we used to love playing with Barbie doll? How we love dressing her, doing her make-up, dolling her with accessories and even brushing her hair. I guess beauty was in our blood always, we always desired looking like Barbie. While we played with her all the time we forgot taking notes on how we can be a Barbie ourselves? No kidding here.. Why do we love Barbie? Its because she was our childhood diva. We never knew any models or actresses back then. Our Idol was Barbie we used to love admiring her beautiful long tresses, fancy clothes and sexy body. And somewhere in our hearts, we wanted to be like her. So what happen now? Nothing at all.. Its never too late. Here are some barbie fashion lessons we can adopt. Two of the real life divas who are compared with Barbie are Katrina Kaif and Paris Hilton. They have been admired for their style, body, height, confidence and their overall personality.

  • Beautiful Body

Barbie has been always fit with zero figure. One of the main reasons why we could dress up her so well, her tall height and proportionate curves. We should take inspiration and on how to remain fit and well-built from her. If you love wearing fancy clothes then you definitely need to watch on your diet and your body. She definitely makes us go hit the gym and run on that treadmill to achieve that amazing body.

  • Long Bouncy Hair

When I see Barbie fashion the first thing I notice is her long, voluminous mane. She got lovely long tresses which can paint the world red. If we keep chopping our hair we will never really grow our hair that long. The idea is to keep your hair healthy, long and strong. I am so glad I managed to keep my hair as long as her. She is the brand ambassador of Barbie shampoos and conditioner due to her beautiful Rapunzel locks.

  • Neon In’s

If you are someone who stick to black, white and grey and like to keep it low. You are not ready to become like Barbie! Being Barbie means Being Bold. In barbie fashion, she loves Bold colors like pink, green and golden yellows. She loves wearing shimmer eye shadows and hot pink lips. Her dresses are filled with neon pinks and glitters everywhere. You can always wear such outfits during your birthday or on a special occasion. Don’t be afraid princess!

  • Elegant accessories

As far barbie fashion, she loves accessorizing her outfit with beautiful bags, clutches, bracelets, hairclips and what not. She is totally feminine and loves experimenting with her looks. She makes sure she is all matchy-matchy with contrasting colours and patterns of accessories. We need to learn that we cannot stick to the basics always. We too can experiment with our accessories, mix and match or go contrast. The point is to be unique and to be adorable! Just like Barbie!

  • Charming and Confident

She is feminine but that’s just one side of her personality. She can be anything and everything she wants to be.  She can be a school teacher, a model, a doctor or a dancer. She tells us to be confident and charming with whatever we do. We are twice as good. Your Charm is carrying oneself with confidence. We need to take pride in what we do and do it with poise. Like the famous quote says – “Confidence is Sexy.”

Barbie Fashion


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