Bad Marriage Why Women have to Stay In

Bad Marriage Why Women have to Stay In


Bad Marriage

Well, bad marriage to start off with is considered to be something eternal and a bond “you should not break, come what may”. However, some women do go ahead and seek a divorce from their spouses and then there are the ones who cannot seek it due to the painful and difficult ordeal and choose to stay back in the bad marriage even when the relationship is going worse and on the border.

Why A Woman Does Not Leave Bad Marriage Behind?

For Their Kids And The Other Half

Irrespective of the nation she belongs to, women have been conditioned to the idea that everyone else’s feelings are kept first then they come. Many women to avoid hurting either their kid or the spouse end up in a bad marriage.

Fear Of Facing Lack Of Self-Esteem

When everything goes sour all around, women try to reason out that this is what she must have deserved and thus the decision to cling back to the bad marriage.

Habit Of Being Just Married

Anything that we do daily become a habit; be it brushing our teeth or looking after a family for long. Sometimes the decision crops up from the habit of just being married.

Financial Factors If Not Independent

This is one of the major reason whatsoever as many women folk are wary of the idea that they will be financially weak after opting out of a marriage and thus ends up staying in the bond forever.

Lack Of Relationship Idea

Many a times, it is so that a woman has always seen dysfunctional marriages in their growing up years and thus the idea of a healthy marriage do not exist for them. For them this is what it is like, an unhealthy relationship.

Divorce Is A Taboo In Society

Women sometimes give-in to the rules of the society and in the fear of what “other people will say” stay back in a marriage however dysfunctional and unhealthy.

Lack Of Skills To Start A New

At times, the very thought of getting divorced and starting a new life seems daunting and tedious than remaining and tolerating the wrongs of a bad marriages. Without proper education back-up, things tend to worsen.

Fear Of Sustaining Life All Alone

The fear of staying alone is often what women think they would not be able to bear.

Taking Marriage As A Life Long Commitment, No Matter What

Marriages are considered a lifetime commitment and opting out of it seems difficult for most women who feel to sacrifice and pull back is a better option.

The Want Of Being A Mother

A woman without any kids tends to fear that they will lose the only chance of being a mother and thus stick to bad marriages quite often!

At The End

No one has the right to play with your emotions, however being Married tag is not your only life, its a part of life. You have been through a lot in life this time you have to play the cards right. Moreover, a smart step will lead you to unconventional positive energy in your life. Have the courage to understand, analyse and come out of any bad circumstance with dignity and maturity.


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