Back to Work After Long Maternity Leave

Back to Work After Long Maternity Leave


Maternity Leave

Being a mother is awesome. Baby making is one thing for which every women will put everything else on hold, even if it means sacrificing a bit of her career. After the long anticipation, when finally the little one arrives, the whole world starts revolving around it. Cuddling your baby, bathing, feeding, patting, changing the diapers and singing lullabies become a big part of your life. Days turn into nights, the time flies and by the time your maternity leave ends, you get so used to be around your child, staying home all day that even the thought of getting back to work sends pangs in your stomach.

Get Back To Work After A Long Maternity Leave With These Tips

No matter how much you loved your work earlier, now if feels like you have forgotten everything you once knew. Going back from maternity leave to the office, meeting new people, having real “grown up” conversations and doing something that doesn’t include feeding, changing diapers or cuddling seems like a daunting task.

Getting back to work after a long maternity leave isn’t easy as eating a piece of cake but pre planning can definitely make it less scary for both, you and the baby.

1. Start early

Make a schedule that is going to be the part of your working life and start following that routine one or two weeks before your actual joining day. Whether you are going to hire a babysitter or putting your baby in a day care, don’t wait to avail their services till your leave ends.

2. Choose Your Babysitter Carefully

Let the babysitter or daycare start babysitting your child a week or two before you resume your work. This way your baby will be able to tune up with the babysitter. While the baby is away, you will have buffer time to work on personal grooming, redo your wardrobe and revise your contacts. If there are kinks in the plan, you will still have plenty of time to straighten it up before the big day.

3. Get the diaper bag ready

Weather you are hiring a babysitter or enrolling your child to a daycare, be one hundred percent ready for your child’s need. Get a spacious diaper bag with some compartments and put everything your baby needs during a long day. A favorite blanket, a comforting toy, a pacifier, lots of diapers, few pairs of comfortable clothing, milk bottles, wet wipes and a small medicine kit for emergency. The babysitter and daycare will appreciate well-stocked diaper bag.

4. Find strength in independence

Be aware that the first few days will be overwhelming. It takes a little time to find the balance between home and work. Every working mother feels the initial guilt of leaving the baby behind to do what she loves to do but isn’t that the whole point? You will better cherish all the moments with your baby while earning an independent life you craved during the maternity days. So enjoy that hot cup of coffee, go to the restroom as long as you want, rock the business meetings and pick that cuddly little bundle of joy on the way back home.






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