Age Difference Teaches a Lot- Girl to Women

Age Difference Teaches a Lot- Girl to Women

Age Difference

  Woman knows how to be independent and graceful yet loving. No offence here we all are supposed to play our age difference. It has been said over the years that girls are mature and grow wiser earlier than boys. Having said that, we all wish to be admired as a graceful woman and this comes by age difference. The one that every true gentleman would love to have as his wife. Read on to find out if you are girl and trying to achieve the maturity of a woman.

  • Girls like to spend money, Women think of Savings

girl spending money

The gender itself loves spending but a woman knows where to draw the line. While a girl will go overboard on shopping like there is no tomorrow, this is age, which will set limit once you mature. And if it doesn’t then don’t be upset, life is about understanding, choose your way and you are good to go.

  • Girls prefer marrying a settled guy, Women build mansion with her man

Girls these days prefer getting married to a financially settled guy who will fulfil her needs. A woman on the other side contributes and supports her husband in fulfilling his dreams. Well, hoping for well-settled man isn’t a bad thought, but giving him a bit of support will add more to your maturity level which will reflect as age difference, Isn’t?

  • Girl sometimes enjoys attention(Wink), women get notice through their work


A respectful woman doesn’t need attention; she works on earning respect and giving respect. Also, a woman is confident and doesn’t need approval. She is far from attention-seeking, obsessive childish behaviour that makes in her by age difference.

  • Girls read novels, women believe in building their knowledge

reading book

Women have left the romantic novels long behind. They are now exploring and investing in literature where they get to learn, inspire, share and motivate. Self-help books like The Secret, You can heal your life and The Power is Within You is some of the favourites. Hey girl, in the journey of being a women you can always have your pen and mind ready, what say?

  • Girls follow the latest trend, women experiment with their style

stylish woman

Girls love shopping on latest clothes, accessories etc. They believe in hoarding and following the herd. Women keep it classy by mixing and matching and revamping the same outfit. Well, they know that style is eternal and every woman has a sense of style and aura that no one can steal.

  • Girls can’t handle jokes while women have sense of humour

women laughing

Girls can’t handle someone teasing or pulling their leg. They tend to feel offended and avoid people. Women know how to crack jokes and laugh on herself when teased around. Laughing on, oneself is a sign of age difference while others love the company of a fun loving woman.

  • Girls tend to get into their shell when questioned, Women stand for what they believe in

Women cannot tolerate wrong doings and will always support and stand for a cause they believe in. They believe in equality and justice and always have an opinion. They know when to voice out. They are the ‘Queens’ who protect and rule. Checkmate!

  • Girls may need a group, Women enjoy their ‘own’ company

As we grow we love our ‘own’ company. We find ‘Me time’ as the best time to rejuvenate our soul. We look forward to have at least one hour for our self from our busy schedule and want to be left alone for a while. While girls always need company and wants friends to tag along including restrooms.

  • Girls find happiness in things and people, Women know happiness comes from within

women happiness

Girls need a guy in their life always to feel happy and pampered. While women knows, happiness comes from inside. They are self-motivators and enjoy their singleton. They understand that the key to happiness is not in the hands of others.

  • Girls go on diets while women believe in healthy eating

“Prevention is better than cure” is what women believe in. They prefer eating healthy food and maintaining a balanced diet. Women do binge in their favourite food once in a while. But take measures by having lemon water or green tea. Girls go for diets which is hard to keep up and fail miserably.

Listen girls, you all have it in you! You just need to be confident and believe in yourself. Do not compromise more than you can. Learn to respect yourself and most of all Love yourself first before you want to be loved by someone.


Age Difference

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