Abortion- My Body, My choice!

Abortion- My Body, My choice!

My body, my choice! This is the mantra of a new age woman. She is free to make her choices and should not be told what is right or what is wrong, depending on what the society thinks. One such choice is abortion! Abortion in India is legal only up to twenty weeks of pregnancy that too under specific conditions. If the pregnancy may risk the life of the pregnant woman or if there is a chance that the child will have some form of physical or mental deformity. Any reason other than these is considered illegal in India.

We all know Motherhood is the happiest feeling experienced by a woman. For a woman to take the tough decision to part from this feeling, would take more than a whim or a convenience. She may not be ready either mentally, physically or financially to bring a child in this world. Either of the case builds up a strong argument against illegalization of abortion. It is unjust for the mother as well as the unborn baby. If a woman feels that she will not be able to provide for the kid or is not mentally and physically ready to bear a child, she should have every right to get it aborted. After all, it is her body that will go through the ordeal. The school of people who advocate illegalization of abortion should keep in mind that the fetus has not yet developed awareness, hence has no rights and feelings. But a living person does!

Abortion is a sensitive issue for a woman and denying her the right to abort her child is denying her the right to freedom, life and happiness. The decision of what happens to her body is her sole prerogative. A happy life is anyone’s privilege, therefore an unwanted pregnancy should be terminated rather than forcing a woman to carry the burden of an unwanted child. In cases where a woman feels that the pregnancy may cause her body harm, she has to rely upon the doctors to give her a go-ahead for the abortion legally. But, sometimes the failure to recognize the gravity of the situation on the doctor’s part may cause delay in abortion which may cause a woman her life.

In case of teenage pregnancies and rape cases, where pregnancy of rape victims or teenage girls puts forward the strongest case to give them the legal right to abort the fetus. She cannot be forced to contain the fetus inside her just because the law doesn’t think it is right. In cases like these, especially if the girl is in her teens, practically herself a kid, she might panic and gets desperate to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. Hence, she will resort to any method, even try to do it herself, by gaining half baked knowledge from the internet or she will go for a backstreet abortion done by untrained and unskilled doctors, without proper supervision. Out of millions of abortions performed throughout the world, a surprising figure of 50% amongst them are conducted by herbs, tools or physical force, subjecting these young girls to life- threatening conditions.

Hence, legal abortion is every woman’s right which should not be denied to her in a free country.



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