A Small Step Towards Women Education, A Giant Leap For Mankind.

A Small Step Towards Women Education, A Giant Leap For Mankind.

It is a very well known saying that “Educate a man and you educate a person. Educate a woman and you educate a family.” For a large part of the past centuries, there was almost no education for women in India. In fact, very few fortunate ones from the upper class of the society had the privilege to get home education. In the patriarchal society that India is, giving education to women was looked upon as a disgrace. But as the time passed by, the situation got a tad better and educating women seemed important for a progressive society. Even though there has been a massive increase in the percentage of girls that are being sent to school, the comparison with the male population is far from satisfactory. Some places it is so bad, that less than 10% of the classes comprises of female population. The girls continued to get discriminated in getting access to education. There are sociological, financial and societal differences which may discourage parents from sending their girls to school, like poverty, early marriage or social withdrawals. But it should not be forgotten that when a woman’s existence is secured by her rights, the society as a whole sustains. It is becoming evident in everyday life now how crucial it is for a woman to be educated for the growth and development of the women in particular, and society and country in general. Women comprise half of the population of the world, hence if we take two step forward in development, isolating a woman from the development is like taking the development one step backward. Many government and non-government initiatives have been taken to ensure that education reaches each and every child of this country and special initiatives have been taken for the girl child and spread women education. Let’s discuss the importance of educating a girl child.

Financial Independence:

friend-1107005_1280 Education empowers a person to come forward and contribute towards development of the nation and makes a person financially independent. She will no longer be economically dependent upon men for her day to day needs and be in a helpless condition in case something goes awry. She can pick up a job and take care of herself and things that needs her attention.

No Identity Crisis:

Her identity is not limited to her father or her husband. She is an individual of her own and can take her own decisions. This brings dignity and honor to herself which inspires generations of other girls.

Acceptance In The Society:

If women come out of their homes, it will broaden the perspective of her male counterparts who become more accepting of her independence, as they have been drilled since childhood that women are a weaker sex.

Protection From Mal-Practices:

This protects a female from societal mal-practices like dowry, prostitution, child-marriage or feticide. She is no longer a burden in her family and can contribute to the family earnings and improve the overall standard of living of her family, as two hands are better than one.

Exercising Her Fundamental Right:

An educated women commands, her equality and is not shy in exercising her rights. Reformation of a society is only possible if the women of that society are respected and treated as equals as we can learn from the western societies. A woman now wants to taste freedom and break away from the shackles of a conservative society. She is living a dream and wants to lead her life on her own terms. She wants to see the world, she wants to be on the driver seat of her life, she wants to become the next Kiran Bedi, Indra Nooyi and Kalpana Chawla! And that can come only if she is educated!

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