8 Movies That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

 8 Movies That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

Christopher McCandless once famously said that, “The core of man’s spirit comes from new experiences.” When a movie becomes more than a piece of entertainment, it becomes an experience and hence, teaches you what life is all about. Life is what happens, when you keep running, following everyday schedule like robots to fulfill the bigger “plan”. These movies come as intervention and make you sit back and think for a while that is this all worth it and how big the gift of life is, that you have been bestowed upon? They help you realize that you should not keep cribbing about petty things, but experience everything that life has to offer with a smile on your face. We have listed some of the movies that will change your outlook towards life and will make you start working on it:

  1. INTO THE WILD: Any such kind of list is incomplete without this great movie which is based on the eponymous novel. It is a true story of Christopher McCandless who gave up his degree and car, gave his $24000 savings to a charity and burnt his cash money in search of meaning of life. He once said that, “Careers are a 20th-century inventions and I don’t want one.” In his hitchhiking journey to Alaska, where he planned to live in the wilderness, he met many people who shaped his life and experience that led to life-changing events. This movie teaches us one thing simply, that life is a sum of experiences and one should not waste it away in insignificant things.
  2. WILD: Another movie to join the club of movies based on novels is Wild. It is also a true story of a woman, who after undergoing series of personal tragedies takes a hike to Pacific Crest Trail and finds a new meaning to her life. This movie teaches us through the strength of Cheryl Strayed who did not succumb to the tragedies and embarked upon a 1,100 miles hikes of the PCT. She did not let the tragedies get better of her, and without any experience went on a 94-day journey that altered the way she looked towards life and gave herself a second chance at life.
  3. SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET: “We have a saying in Tibet: If a problem can be solved then there is no use worrying about it. If it can’t be solved, then worrying will do no good.” Seven years in Tibet is again a true story based on a novel by the same name. It is a story of an Austrian mountaineer who begins his spiritual journey in Tibet and discovers himself in the process. He becomes the tutor of the 14th Dalai Lama and while teaching him, he, himself, gets precious lessons of selflessness and humility.
  4. DEAD POET’s SOCIETY: Nobody could look more believable in the role of John Keating the way Robin Williams did. Dead Poet’s Society is one of those movies that show the conflict between realism and romanticism that young people face early in their lives. The lead character Todd has always been shy and rarely speaks up, thinking that, whatever he says is insignificant and has no meaning. With the help of teachings of his English teacher John Keating he finds meaning in his non-existent and overshadowed life. So all of you go out today and “Carpe Diem”, which means seize the day.
  5. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL: Life is beautiful is one of those rare movies which make you laugh and cry at the same time. Your heart cringes with a constant smile throughout the movie. This is a cult movie that shows a beautiful relationship between a father and his son. It shows how the father tries to keep his son away from the grim realities of the World War II in a Nazi camp and how he uses humor and imagination to do the same. It teaches you to smile through your difficult times and face them strongly with humor, like the father and son duo did, despite being surrounded by misery, sickness and deaths in the concentration camp.
  6. THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS: The pursuit of happiness is another father and son film based on true story, which strikes a chord within us on how to fight frustration that we face and emerge successful. A father tries his best to keep away his son from the difficulties of life in the most adverse circumstances. This is an epic film that teaches us that we should persevere and keep working towards the bigger goal of our life and keep the ones we love close to us.
  7. THE MOTORCYCLE DIARIES: We all know Che Guevera. But before he became famous as the revolutionary leader and guerrilla war specialist, what showed him his true calling in life, is the motorcycle trip he took with his best friend around South America. This trip changed his life due to the people he met throughout the trip and incidents he saw with his own eyes. This movie teaches us that life’s true calling is not to be engaged 24*7 in a set routine, but to break the shackles and explore and push yourself to greater limits.
  8. THE GRAVE OF FIREFLIES: This is heart-warming and heart-wrenching story of a brother and sister in Japan, in the backdrop of World War II. Their tale of struggling and survival in dire circumstances warms your heart and makes you look at life in a totally different perspective. There are magical moments of beauty and childish delight that move you completely.



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