6 Healthy habits to be picked up during pregnancy

6 Healthy habits to be picked up during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time period in a woman’s life that drags her with new opportunities and challenges where she is ready to give birth to a new life. It is said to be a rebirth of a woman. Pregnancy is more than nurturing your baby inside out and provide ultimate care to you and the baby in those days. It has been seen that time and again your elders poke you for discarding unhealthy habits and have an adoption of healthy habits for the welfare of new life inside you. So, let’s find out some of the changes you can make in your lifestyle to let your baby be one clever asset.

  1. Be in a constant touch:


As the baby is in your womb, there is a very thin line between your baby and the outside world, your constant touch plays a key role in let your baby interact with outside world and heals his/her nervous system directly. Mothers should provide constant touch and let them feel the power of you. Try making it a habit to run your palms in the most gentle way from downward to upward direction for the ultimate effect.

  1. Listen good music:


It is imperative to be in high mood while you are pregnant, as your mood directly reflects on your unborn health. Plug in the earphones and listen to the good music to make the world roll with you. The sound that makes you relax and stress free works double for the baby. So, make a dive in this race of music.

  1. A positive environment:


Make it a habit to stay in the world which is positive around you as it is crucial for your and your child’s mental health. Try making things taste positive as the environment you will be in will reflect on your baby’s health.

  1. Go for a walk in the sun:


Make it a point to remember that your baby receives Vitamin D in abundance, and for that you need to walk in the sun for baby’s bone development. The process of your baby’s bone development kick starts from their stay in the womb, so make sure you walk for at least 20 minutes in the sun and let your baby grow healthy. Supplements prescribed by doctors does their work but the healing power of nature is unbeatable.

  1. A nutritious Diet:

Ensure that you indulge in a nutritious diet possible like nuts, fruits, vegetable and juices. This is the time when your body craves for more and what you eat directly affects your baby’s health. You need to make sure to stay healthy and keep a watch on your diet. A balanced diet also strengthens your body and aids in providing nutrients to your unborn. Discard all the junks and harmful substances from your diet and stick to healthy consumption.

  1. Read before sleep:

This is considered to be a positive sign to for your baby to extract knowledge while you read before sleep. It is the time which you share with your baby and whatever good things you extract from reading will impart to your unborn knowledge. So, read good books that rejuvenates your mind and let you feel good. It is your life and certain changes in your habits can let your child be healthy, wealthy and wise.

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