10 things that happy people do in their lives

10 things that happy people do in their lives

happy life is funI’d heard somewhere “It is so simple to be happy but so difficult to be simple”. That sums up the reason why many people just can’t seem to find happiness. Being happy can be attained by just being plain in our approach towards life and its problems but being plain these days is a complicated affair. Nevertheless, let’s make the process easier by putting it in words.

Let go of the past –

Happy people don’t hold on to pain causing things. They know the art of letting stuff go to clear the blocked mind space which often causes worries, grief, depression and negativity.

Focus on the haves rather than have nots –

The key to staying happy is not sobbing and cribbing over things that you do not have. Instead, focus on the opportunities at hand and make the most of it. The satisfaction which arises out of it is – pure happiness!

Make time for loved ones –

One of the major reasons of stress and unhappiness is lack of the ability to juggle well between work and family. Work is a part of your life, not the whole of it. So, do make time for those who matter – family, friends because they are the ones who form the major part of your life.

Happiness is taking responsibility for failures –

Happy people can gracefully accept failures since they are aware that perfection is a myth and mistakes do happen. So, it is ok. All one needs to do is accept it, learn from it and move on being careful not to repeat the mistake.

Stick around a happy bunch of people –

A rotten apple spoils all in the basket. Similarly, depression is contagious. Try being around the happy ones who smile, laugh, joke around and be themselves and it will for sure have an inductive effect on you too.

Comparisons are odious –

Not just are comparisons odious, they also make you unhappy. Having a bigger car, larger house, better paycheck in no way defines you as a better person. So why compare? Your race should be with yourself so that you emerge as a better individual every day.

Take life easy –

Life is serious business but you ought to make it fun! So, when things seem tough, remind yourself that you will easily get out of it.

Do what you love –

Give yourself the time to do things that you enjoy. A warm bath, playing with the pet or simply sleeping.

Nothing is the end of life –

That is because God opens a new door whenever he decides to close one. So, welcome the change.

Exercise –

It releases the feel good happy hormones and is the best way to attain happiness!!

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