10 Kitchen Hacks for Easy Cooking

10 Kitchen Hacks for Easy Cooking

Given the tight work schedules of people nowadays, cooking maybe tried out only at the weekends when the load is less and they can finally invest in some delicious recipes that were long awaited in the menu. To ease the cooking pressures, we have come up with some of the best kitchen hacks which can make cooking way more easy and productive than ever before!

Cut The Cherry Tomatoes And Grapes Easily

To get this, you can simply sandwich the cheery tomatoes or the grapes in between two thin plates and while pressing on the top slice the crop with ease and in equal halves. Lovely!

Lemon Squeeze Wonder

Tired of cutting and squeezing the juice out of lemons? Simply insert a toothpick into the lemon and twist it to make a hole. It is one of best kitchen hacks and now squeeze for a better yield and yes, if you want to restore the rest, simply place back the toothpick in and store!

Half Boiled Eggs – Minus Water

This is possible as well! You need to place the eggs in a muffin tray and bake the same in a preheated oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Amazing kitchen hacks!

Taters And Fries In A Jiffy

While you try to make fries at home, it takes a lot of time to get them cut piece by piece right? Instead just slice off the two ends, form a flat surface and get the perfect wedges using an apple slicer. Neat!

Easy Dish Wash

In case you are using sticky ingredients or end products in the cooking chances are that it ends up taking your time and energy washing them to the “T”. Save the time by greasing the cookware with vegetable oil or cooking spray, and you are done with an easy wash here!

A Minute’s Pasta

Well, you can actually make pasta in a minute when you soak the pasta and seal the same in a plastic bag with water overnight. Pasta will cook in just about a minute! As a lovely kitchen hacks.

Fresh Greens – Kitchen Hacks

Green veggies turn bad in a day or two and you can actually avoid this by prolonging their shelf life. The simple remedy is to put a damp cloth or a damp paper into the container they are stored in. The cloth and paper will soak the excess water which causes them to rot early.

The Ice Cube Wonders In Storing Sauces

Indeed a wonder, you can actually store vegetable purees, pesto, fresh herbs and tomato paste frozen with water in ice cube trays and de-freeze it in the time of need. Simple!

Slice Meat Easy Now

Slicing or chopping meat is a woe and you can make this process easy by freezing the same at least 30 minutes before you take on the activity of cutting as semi freezed meat are easier to get cut with a knife.

Peel Garlic In A Jiffy

Garlic’s are difficult to peel, but not anymore! To get perfectly sliced garlic you just need to microwave the head of a garlic for 20 seconds and the peels would come off by themselves.

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